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Love, by any other name....

Tua in mei cordi aterni portabo.

Even Though it hurts, it tears your insides, you still smile. A golden, beautiful smile that the entire world gathers round to see. There is something even more beautiful about the one you love when shes in love, even when its not with you. Thats the hardest part about having such strong feelings for someone who doesn't feel the same way about you, especially if you are being a good friend.

I mean, you want to see that person Happy. In Fact, just seeing them happy is the only thing that really makes you happy. Even if you are sad, their smiling face and their own happiness is enough to buoy your own emotions. Then they fall for someone else, having tried yourself and failed, and they are in Love.
An inner lamp is lit, and they glow from outside in. Its even brighter when they talk about the one they love. It sometimes hurts that you cant be the one that lights it, but you enjoy its light nonetheless...and you reside yoruself to pine forever about the loss you never actually had the chance to have....

That is what it is to Love someone who doesn't love you back. Pain of body and mind, of all sorts, just doesn't compare.

Who doesn't know that feeling, but who wants it.
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you've totally summed up my life for the past year.

excellent post. beauty in the form of words.
In my mind, it's a form of true love.. To truly be happy to see the one you love happy. Even if your love for them is unrequitted.

I am also in love with somebody. Infact, I was searching for an LJ community that might have something in common with me. The pain in your heart when they're all you want/need, it seems, and yet you can't do anything to stop it. It's like a damned hunger.
Thanks for the post. You made me feel less alone.