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hey. im 16, almost 17, and i live in toronto canada

where to start? i have this bad habit of getting attached too fast and too much as im sure the rest of you do. and i let boys walk all over me.

so just recently,
i was with this boy. we'd dated before but i wasnt as into him as he was to me.
so we started dating.
we have this connection that ive never felt before.
it was like it was meant to be.
we talked about our future.
he planned for me to stay with him in the summer so we could spend every waking moment together.
i thought i had found the perfect ending
and then one friday i went to his house cause even though he was so busy with school
we still saw each other EVERY FRIDAY

he started off with teh "never wanna lose you" "lets just be friends" bullshit.

i couldnt believe it.
after planning our future he just wakes up and "realizes his feelings are just platonic"


i thought that was it for me. we were destined to be together and he left me. not only that but he makes for a terrible friend. well not really, he just hasnt called much. or called back.
i felt it was the end....

but there is a happy ending.

i have this friend that i barely know at all. we've been introduced through friends and i'm not sure if we ever even met in person
but we always have such in-depth msn conversations.
so tuesday night i met him at a party.
and wednesday night we started going out.
he is the most amazing person in the world. hes shy, sensitive, cute, sweet, everything.
we haven't even been together for a week but he already means the world to me

and the best part is.....he feels the same. he is the same.
he is amazing
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Guys can be such dorks with the whole "let's be friends" thing..
But yay for finding someone new :)
guys are dorks period.

yay indeed